Working with the Ones you Love… A Family Business Primer

18 Oct 2017

Jim Soldan: Jim started THE FAMILY FURROW, / The Canadian Family Business Institute Ltd where the ‘people part’ of the family business is the center of his ‘Training Program’.  The focus is on effective communication, relationship building, governance guidelines and working through the transition phase toward succession as families live and work together.

Cross Border Estate Planning Issues for Dual Citizens

20 Sep 2017
Cheyenne Reese

Cross Border Estate Planning Issues For Dual Citizens – Cheyenne Reese Cheyenne Reese, Legacy Lawyers talks about estate, tax planning and trust matters for dual Canadian and American citizens.

Changing Face of Philanthropy

21 Jun 2017

Changing Face of Philanthropy from Estate Planning Council of Abbotsford Faye Wightman, presents on how the face of philanthropy has changed over the years and generations. With the use of statistics and real data, she outlines who it is that contributes, what type of  Foundation works the best for different situations (Public or Private) and […]

Dementia Care

17 May 2017

Dementia Care presentation by Nadine Jans, MSc., Clinical Health & Psychology.  

Insurance and Tax Changes

15 Feb 2017

Insurance and Tax Changes presented by Raphael Tachie, Manlife

Taxation of Testamentary Trusts

19 Oct 2016

Taxation of Testamentary Trusts, October 19, 2016 presented by Asif Abdulla and Shawn Tryon

Lifetime Planning Tools

20 Apr 2016

Lifetime Planning Tools – Agreements, Directives and Powers of Attorney Presented by Maria Holman